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You’ve got a challenge.
We’ll find the solution. And then some.

Some companies only look to what they can get “off-the-shelf” to solve a customer’s problem. That’s not the Han-Tek way. We’re a solutions provider. Tell us your toughest materials handling challenge and we’ll surprise you with a way to solve it you probably never considered. Our engineering studies get at the root of your problems and develop sound, workable, cost-effective solutions. Putting in the time up front makes all the difference.

By bringing together the skills of our engineers—and those of our strategic partners—we can fully automate virtually any line, infeed, or post-process system. No matter if it’s individual products, unit loads, box loads, or pallet loads you’re moving, we can help you move it all, better and faster, and for less than you’d think. And with more reliable production rates, less product damage, more accurate product delivery forecasting—and the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.

Sound good? It’ll sound even better when we show you how quickly your automation investment can be paid back in full.

For us, ingenuity is
at the head of the line.

You have an existing line that’s in need of a serious upgrade. We can show you how automation can easily and efficiently be integrated with your current process. To optimize your process. To increase flexibility, reliability, consistency, throughput—and improve safety. To reduce bottlenecks, labor costs, and spillage. Don’t settle for some off-the-shelf “band-aid” when a fully integrated, customized Han-Tek solution can do it so much better. To learn how, contact our Solutions Group at info@han-tek.com.