ASRA | Materials Handling Design Engineers | Rochester, NY and High Point, NC ASRS | Materials Handling Design Engineers | Rochester, NY and High Point, NC

Han-Tek completed a $3M+ Automated Storage/Retrieval System for unit loads in excess of 25 tons for a major American steel company.

If Han-Tek can take on that challenge, they can help you streamline your process and improve productivity at the same time. Ask yourself: do you need to store and retrieve heavy production components for manufacturing – efficiently and safely? Then an ASRS system could be the solution for you. To talk with one of our specialists, call 800.836.0237 or email us at

Han-Tek can design, build, and service every facet of a state-of-the-art ASRS. We also create the control sytems that fully integrate your ASRS with production, warehouse management systems, and administrative processes.

Already have ASRS in place? Han-Tek engineers can help you modify it to meet changing needs. We have extensive experience in retrofitting existing systems to make them work harder, more efficiently—and help you cut labor costs.



Make the most of your limited space.

The whole idea of ASRS is to convert your unused, overhead space into highly usable places to store products of all sizes, descriptions, and value. A Han-Tek ASRS can help you adjust to ever-changing market conditions, meet JIT objectives, and reduce your operating costs.