New Automated Line | Case Study for Han-Tek | Rochester, NY and High Point, NC New Automated Line | Case Study for Han-Tek | Rochester, NY and High Point, NC

Our automation got this
truck wheel plant into overdrive.

Their Challenge:

  • Completely automate what had been a manual operation—moving aluminum wheel stampings through machining and finish processing—and greatly improve productivity.
  • Design, build, and integrate a totally new production line in less than four months—a very short timeframe.
  • Keep to a firm budget.

Our Solution:

  • Engineer a materials handling process incorporating robotics, conveyors, and sophisticated machine controls.
  • Incorporate such multiple interface requirements as Ethernet, DeviceNet, and Discreet I/O. 3-D Vision for part recognition.
  • Enable remote access for continued support and more responsive customer service.
  • Interface daily with onsite contractors to ensure all infrastructure changes are made on time.
  • Work closely with key suppliers to procure equipment, build, and install everything in three months.

The Results:

  • Our strong relationships with robotic, conveyance, and control equipment suppliers helped us meet all deadlines.
  • Full production on new line began on projected date.
  • Product quality was dramatically improved.
  • Employee safety was improved.
  • ROI took less than six months.


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